Eurotunnel Group manages all operation of Channel Tunnel (often referred as Chunnel) which is a tunnel connecting two main cities of UK (London) and France (Paris). Eurotunnel operates Eurotunnel Shuttle services between Folkestone in Britain and Calais in France, which is used to transmit road vehicles through Chunnel by rail. Eurotunnel group also earns revenue on freight services by DB Schenker and Eurostar passenger train.

Eurotunnel Group came in to existence on August 13, 1986 when it was decided to construct a connecting tunnel between Britain and France. TransManche Link was given the contract and total cost of £9.5bn occurred in making of tunnel most of which was collected through debt. The company went in to huge loss during first year of its operation in 1994, because of heavy interest on debt and less revenues from passengers. However after several restructuring plans it finally announced a profit of around 1 million Euros in 2007. Since then its net profits is increasing till date with around 2500 employees working in company.

Operations of Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel Shuttle is a car shuttle service owned and operated by Eurotunnel group that conveys personal vehicles by train from London to Paris. This is the very convenient for those who want to travel from London to Paris by their car or motorbike. Cyclist can also travel with their cycles through Eurotunnel Shuttle. Coaches, buses and other high vehicles are also transported by Eurotunnel La Shuttle. Passengers can remain in their vehicles or can roam around in train during journey. Eurotunnel operates 365 days every year so you can travel any day as per your needs.

While booking your car you need not to provide any registration number so you can always take any hired car. All you need to provide is the type of vehicle, height of car and a confirmation that car is not equipped with LPG tank. You can also add bicycles, roof rack to your car provided that height of vehicle must not exceed 1.85 meters. If height of vehicle exceeds that limit you will need to amend your booking.

Locomotive used for Eurotunnel services consists of 58 Class 9 Electric locomotives that is used for vehicle shuttles with a speed of 160 km/h, 16 Class 92 Electric locomotives that are used by Europorte Channel for freight services and runs with a speed of 140 km/h, 5 Class 0001 Diesel Locomotives used as Rescue locomotive and 12 Diesel Locomotives used for Shunting purpose.

Importance of Eurotunnel:

Using Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is beneficial to those who want to enjoy independence of travelling by their own vehicle to the continent. Using Channel tunnel shuttle service which is the fastest cross channel transport method lets you complete the journey in just 35 minutes.

They provide you cheapest fares and there are 4 departures per hour with motorway to motorway access. 1 car with up to 9 passengers can travel on one ticket and there are no restrictions on baggage.

Eurotunnel Ticket Types:

There are many different types of tickets available according to your travel requirement. There are tickets for Day and Overnight trip, Single or Long stay, special frequent traveler tickets, short stay and flexi plus type tickets.

Eurotunnel for Business Travelers:

If you are travelling to continent for business purpose then there are many facilities you can avail with Eurotunnel such as Mix and Match ticket types, frequent traveler facilities, day and overnight tickets (for those who are travelling for 1 or 2 days) and exclusive lounge facilities.

Eurotunnel Goods Policy:

Eurotunnel provides an easy way for those who want to travel with their personal vehicles through Channel Tunnel. There is no restrictions on good carried and fuel supplements carried by passengers although there are some restrictions such as loaded firearms, explosives, toxic, infectious or flammable goods etc.

Eurotunnel Timetable:

As Eurotunnel Shuttle operates 365 days a year and there are 4 trains leaving per hour, it is very easy for anyone to choose a time according to their needs. Just select your date of travel, time slot and shuttle departure time while making online booking. It is necessary for you to check in at least 30 minutes of your departure time.

For any information call their Customer Information Line at +44 (0) 8444 63 00 00 or +44 (0) 8443 35 35 35 or at email

Per travel at Eurotunnel:

One of the best benefits of using Eurotunnel Shuttle services is that you can travel with your pets. You can take your dogs, cats and Ferrets at a charge of 30 GBP while Pet rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, insects etc. can travel with you free of charge. You can declare this while booking your tickets. One person can take 5 pets with him. There are some important things you need to be careful prior to travel with your pets.

Eurotunnel La Shuttle also provide you facility to carry your pet horse with you although horse travel in separate horse transporter.

Environment Friendly Operations of Eurotunnel:

Eurotunnel Shuttle and other rails travelling through Channel Tunnel are known for their environmental friendly operations. They are also reducing electricity consumption in their operations. Also they have strong facility to recycle the waste produced. They have received many esteemed environmental awards for their efforts.

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