Eurotunnel Prices

Eurotunnel provides car shuttle services between Folkestone and Calais. Eurotunnel provides you a very flexible and easy way to cross channel tunnel at lowest rates. You can enjoy the independence of travelling by your own vehicle in continent.

There are many different types of tickets available to you depending on your requirement. Eurotunnel prices vary according to the ticket type you choose.

Eurotunnel prices start from 22 which will give you a return ticket per car each way. This is the cheapest ticket price for Eurotunnel travel. For a short stay saver ticket you need to spend 42. This is best if you are looking for a short break in France. If you want complete flexibility then you can grab this by spending 149 in which you can take any available train any time, enjoy dedicate check in and exclusive lounge facility and complimentary meals.

Eurotunnel prices for other tickets are 58 if you plan to stay longer and 199 for a complete flexible ticket.

There are special Eurotunnel prices for frequent travelers. You can get a ticket for 39 per car, each way for any duration. A complete flexible ticket for frequent traveler costs 124 per car, each way for any duration.

Thus you can choose which ticket you need according to your journey plan and can manage your funds according to Eurotunnel prices.

Eurotunnel Services

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